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PhentraminReviews.net is a website that is dedicated to providing our audience with honest and unbiased reviews of the best diet supplements available online

while also providing cutting edge information on nutrition and training to help you lose weight fast and get into the best shape of your life.

This site was originally started as a platform to provide the ultimate buyer’s guide to the best over the counter alternatives to Phentermine such as Phentramin-D, FenFast 375, PhenQ and all of the other top Phentramin supplements on the market.

As you probably already know, the weight loss industry is saturated with thousands of supplement manufcturers pimping out diet pill after diet pill every year. This makes it hard for the consumer to distinguish a product that works and one that is just another new scam to hit the market.

We also provide useful tips that you can use hand in hand with your diet supplements for the quickest fat loss possible. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at our contact page.


Gabe Ramsey Profile

Gabe Ramsey is our current editor here at PhentraminReviews.net and is a health and fitness professional with a successful personal training and nutrition consulting business.

Armed with a passion for fitness, he currently enjoys working with clients one-on-one or writing fitness related articles to help educate people so they can live an active and healthy lifestyle and reach their full potantial.

Gabe also has a heavy interest in the supplement industry, using his years of knownedge and background in research to provide top-notch reviews and insights on the latest over the counter fitness products.