2 Powerful Secrets to Getting Rid Of Arm Fat Once and For All!

Learn how to lose arm fat fast

Have you ever experienced that embarrassing moment of waving goodbye to someone and feeling the flap of your arm fat waving like a flag in the wind?

That’s a true wakeup call to do something about your unsightly arm fat!

But don’t worry because if you pay close attention to the wokout tips in this article, that flapping arm fat doesn’t have to be your companion any longer.

How Can You Lose Arm Fat Once And For All?

In order to make your arm flab disappear, a two-pronged approach is needed:

  1. Reduce your overall body fat levels to a minimum
  2. Build up the muscles in your arms

One thing to note is that doing exercises that target the muscles in your arms will help to build lean muscle mass, but they will not specifically target the fat in that area.

And another important note is that building up the muscles in your arms will help to increase your metabolism, which will in turn help you to burn more body fat and eventually lose fat in that area.

So now let’s take a closer look at the two main factors in getting rid of arm fat and how you can implement them into your current routine.

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1. Reduce Overall Body Fat

If you have been around the weight loss or fitness community for any length of time, you are already well aware that if you eat too many calories, the excess energy that your body doesn’t use right away gets stored as fat.

This means that if you want to lose the fat on your arms you are going to have to reduce the total amount of fat that your body is storing.

So with that said, and assuming that you are already doing some form of cardiovascular exercise, there is no special food that you can eat or diet program that you can follow that specifically targets the fat on the back of your arms.

In order to reduce body fat and thereby losing the fat on your arms, simply stick to a program that focuses on fat loss and burning up extra calories.

Aim to eat foods that are high in fiber like whole grains, legumes, and vegetables and lean sources of protein while avoiding simple sugars and other high-glycemic carbohydrates such as white rice, white flour, doughnuts and many breakfast cereals.

Recent research in the field of weight loss has found that eating nuts, lean sources of protein along with healthy fats such as olive oil, is a good way help the body shed more fat while reducing cholesterol levels too.

2. Build Arm Muscle

Once you have your nutrition in order to start maximizing mat loss over your entire body, you need to start targeting the muscle groups of the arms (plus shoulders).

These include:

  • Deltoids (shoulders)
  • Biceps (front)
  • Triceps (back)
  • Forearms (lower arm)

Targeting these specific muscles will help to tone up that area and create some definition which will dramatically help to improve the appearance of your arms once the excess fat is burned off.

Here are a few exercises to get your started.

1. Bicep Curls

Assuming you are using dumbbells, start by holding the weights at your sides with your palms facing forward.

Lift the weights in a linear pattern until they get close to your shoulder while keeping your elbows tucked in close to your sides.

Be sure that you don’t let your elbows move out to the sides or move forward or you will be putting stress on your shoulders and not your biceps.

Repeat the movement for 12-15 repetitions and complete at least 3 sets with minimal rest in between.

If you need to build a lot of muscle in your arms then you can use a heavier weight and perform fewer repetitions, maybe 8-10.

On the other hand, if you already have a decent foundation to work with then you can use lighter weights and perform more repetitions for greater tone and overall strength.

A variation of this exercise is to start with the weights at your sides with your palms facing inward.

As you start to lift the weights twist your wrists so that your palms are now facing forward, bringing them up to your shoulders.

2. Triceps Extensions

One of the best exercises to target the back of the arms is the triceps extension.

There are many different variations of this exercise but the one that we will be talking about today is the lying extension with dumbbells.

Start out by laying on your back, either on the floor or on a bench, and position the dumbbells straight our overhead with your palms facing each other.

Start lowering the weights by bending at the elbows and then continue to lower the dumbbells right down to your shoulders.

Lift the weights by reversing the movement and get a good squeeze in your triceps muscles when you get back to the top of the movement.

This exercise will be the most beneficial for getting rid of that awful arm flap because it directly targets the muscles of the back of the arm, which is exactly where you need it most.

3. Shoulder Raises

Not quite an arm exercise but these are still important to the overall picture.

Start out by holding the weights down in front of you, palms facing your thighs.

Try to keep your arms straight and lift the weight straight ahead in an arc until they reach the level of your shoulder.

At the top of the movement your palms should be facing the floor.

This exercise is going to target the anterior deltoid, which is the front of the shoulder.

You can also vary this exercise by alternately raising each arm instead of both at the same time.

4. Shoulder Press

Finally you can add in shoulder presses to top off your arm fat elimination routine.

Start out by either standing or sitting and holding your arms out at a ninety degree angle, keeping your elbows pointed out laterally.

Then simply press the weights straight up over your head before lowering them back to the starting position.

You can repeat the movement for 12-15 repetitions and complete at least 3 sets with minimal rest in between.

These exercises are enough to get you started, but it is best to vary your exercises up, which will keep challenging your muscles and help you to avoid any type of plateau.

Say Goodbye to Arm Flab!

When you follow a healthy diet and dedicate yourself to performing these exercises on a regular basis, you will no doubt be able to reach your goal of tight and sexy arms in no time at all!

Give them a try and let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below!

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