5 Super Cool Diet Tricks For Rapid Weight Loss Results!

Tips for rapid fat loss that works

There is no denying that everyone would love to know the secret to rapid weight loss when starting out on a weight loss program because it would surely save a lot of time and money.

But losing weight at a rapid rate while staying healthy at the same time is a bit tricky is not always advised for everyone.

With that said however, there are some great tips for losing weight fast that can work very well for most people to help them achieve the results they are after while staying healthy.

Some of these may seem a little bit more extreme than others, but they have all been proven to work in one way or another.

Here are five diet tricks for rapid weight loss and a few extras at the end of the article that are healthier in nature.

1. Water Fast

One of the most popular and most effective methods out there today for rapid loss of those extra pounds is a water fast.

Thos means that you consume nothing but water for an extended period of time.

If you are just starting out, this technique should not be done for more than ten days at a time without professional supervision, although many people choose to fast far longer on their own.

But if it is quick weight loss that you are after, by consuming nothing but water it is possible to lose up to ten pounds in a very short amount of time, especially when the body begins to shed the water weight.

I’m now going to go into specifics here but you can check out SnakeDiet.com for advice on water fasting from a leading expert on the subject.

2. Juice Fast

Another method that many people use to lose weight quickly is to eat nothing but vegetables in very small amounts.

In this case, most people prefer to juice their vegetables instead of actually eating them, hence the name juice fast.

The advantage of an all-juice diet is that it is somewhat healthier than drinking nothing but water.

However, your body will eventually begin to experience certain unwanted symptoms due to the lack of other necessary nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins.

3. Fat Loss Supplements

Popular diet pills like fat burners and metabolism boosters are another great tool that you can use when you are trying to shed a few extra pounds pretty quickly.

Most of these types of weight loss supplements work to help you lose weight even faster by including ingredients that help the body to get rid of excess water along with belly fat.

Ingredients like Uva Ursi  and Dandelion Root are examples of herbal ingredients in popular supplements that can help get rid of water weight fast.

Other fat burning pills contain ingredients that work to suppress your appetite so that you will begin to eat far less often.

All in all, the basis of a fat burner is to help to give your metabolism a boost, which will help you to burn calories even faster.

Metabolism boosters also have the added benefit of giving more energy.

4. Small Frequent Meals

A tip that is a bit on the more healthier side is to opt for more frequent meals per day that are considerably smaller in size, as opposed to the standard three big meals per day.

Eating in this manner has the effect of keeping your body satiated throughout the day and not actually allowing it to reach a state of hunger, which is when snacking would normally be an option.

As a rule of thumb, aiming to eat five to six smaller meals each day is a good place to start.

Also, you can aim to make the meals all equal in size.

5. Combination Method

Cutting your calories down to a minimum such as outlined in a number of fad diets is tiresome and oftentimes quickly leads to burnout, but people still do it because it works.

Another proven method that works time and time again is to combine a good fad diet with daily high intensity exercise to kick-start your metabolism the quickest way possible.

However, for super fast results, metabolism boosting supplements and green tea have shown to be even more effective for burning more fat when added to the mix.

Additional Healthy Tips

There are some easier diet tips that you can follow which are also perhaps a lot healthier for you.

These include such methods as drinking at least eight glasses of water each day, preferably before midday.

It also helps to not snack between meals, and also to use smaller plates when eating, which would encourage smaller portions.

Eliminating added salts, fats and sugars from your diet can also work wonders as well.


It is important to note that when it comes to rapid weight loss, there is a catch.

This is that as soon as you stop using the particular method you have chosen to lose weight, the pounds usually pile back on faster than before.

This is why it is strongly advised that the proper planning and steps are taken on your journey to losing weight, in order to maintain good results that go far beyond the diet.

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